Resonate is the largest Christian online panel in the UK, with about 5,000 members. Surveys are carried out monthly into issues and trends within the Christian community and also to gain a Christian perspective and attitude on current affairs and topical issues.

This gives Christians everywhere the opportunity to have their voice heard and helps inform church leaders, the media and politicians.

Ask the panel

Whatever your interests and needs, we can uncover the Christian perspective through our panel research. We are well positioned to answer all your queries, with experience of:

  • product development
  • brand positioning
  • brand awareness

We also cover areas such as:

  • social research
  • usage & attitude surveys
  • loyalty and satisfaction surveys

Our research identifies long term religious trends, as well as a Christian perspective on current affairs and topical issues.

Commission Research

If you have concerns and issues you would like answered, we can put your questions to the panel. 

Our team can help your research by:

  • helping you to clearly identify your needs
  • designing your questions
  • running and analysing the survey
  • delivering the results in data tables

To discuss your research needs and to find out more about our schedule, dates, prices and planned subjects please contact us.

Contact us

Resonate omnibus timetable

The Resonate omnibus runs monthly, except for December. The content is typically split between asking questions about current topical issues and other matters of concern to the Christian community. The omnibus also helps conduct research for clients from Christian charities, church groups and others.

The survey is available for one week at the end of each month and results are analysed a week later in tables split by our standard demographics of age, region, gender and denomination.