Please see list below where you can find snapshots and reports from recent research that we've carried out.

This research is conducted through our monthly omnibus Resonate with our Christian panel throughout the UK.

Masculinity and Silence

In a questionnaire launched by Christian Research on 30th October to coincide with the upcoming celebration of International Men’s Day 19th November, 45% of the nearly 1,000 people surveyed also said they felt the media and society at large viewed ... Read more

The Battle for Omniscience: State surveillance & personal privacy in the UK

In a poll conducted via our proprietary online research panel ‘Resonate’, and in the light of leaks emanating from former American security contractor Edward Snowden, the majority (77%) of 1,134 UK practising Christians felt that mass intelligenc... Read more

Cracks appear in Fracking argument

Our Resonate August omnibus, completed by 1,520 Resonate panellists, revealed that two-thirds of practising Christians regard it as valid that the church should derive income from mineral rights held on property it owns (marginally higher support amo... Read more

Christians cast Farage as Herod and Clegg as Judas

With just a few days to go until polling day, a survey carried out by Christian Research for Bible Society has revealed the biblical characters that Christian voters associate most closely with aspiring political leaders. Read more

English Christians on Englishness

Discover the views of English Christians on what it means to be English on St George's Day 2015. Read more