Please see list below where you can find snapshots and reports from recent research that we've carried out.

This research is conducted through our monthly omnibus Resonate with our Christian panel throughout the UK.

Privacy, NHS and the Referendum

What Christians think of privacy, doctors strike and, yes a last look at their views on the EU. Read more

What do you want from a sermon?

Most Christians still believe sermons are important, but wish vicars would stop trying to be funny. Read more

Brexit and Mothering Sunday Survey

Half of Christians believe Britain should stay in the European Union, with only 20% intending to vote in favour of leaving. Read more

Human Rights Day and Lord's Prayer Advert

Only 15% of Christians are aware that 10th December each year is earmarked to commemorate World Human Rights Day. In a survey launched by Christian Research on 27th November in the run-up to World Human Rights Day, 78% of those surveyed claimed to no... Read more