Please see list below where you can find snapshots and reports from recent research that we've carried out.

This research is conducted through our monthly omnibus Resonate with our Christian panel throughout the UK.

Mental Health - Churches don't talk about it.

2021 Resonate survey on mental health issues in the church community and how they are dealing with them. Read more

Church Finances

March 2021 Resonate survey on Church finances during the pandemic, how has it affected churches, what are they doing about it and how do they see the future. Read more

Hope in the Bible Demographics

Graphics for research at Read more

Hope in the Bible - Nov 2020

Survey of practising Christians about their relation with and influence of the Bible during the pandemic. Read more

Holocaust Memorial Day and Ramadan Exam Changes Survey

Nearly 90% of Christians believe it is important to have a day to commemorate the Holocaust – however nearly 65% of those surveyed felt not enough attention is given to other groups that suffered under the Nazis. Read more