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Need an accurate picture of the state of religion, especially Christianity, in this country and across the world?

Religious Trends offers interpretation, analysis and comment. If you need more detailed research or access to our source material, some of the articles in Religious Trends offer a gateway to spreadsheets or links to follow for more information.

All articles have been formatted for printing, and most datasets are available as downloads for further analysis. If you wish to use the information in this website, please respect our conditions of reference to Religious Trends and, where appropriate, the sources we have used.

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The data in Religious Trends have been compiled from a large number of sources, all of which should be attributed, and presented in the form of articles, tables, charts and maps. This invariably means that there may be inconsistencies of definition a... Read more

Other Research Reports

A collection of reports on small research studies conducted via the Resonate )Online Research Panel. A community of more than 14,000 Christians nationwide. Read more

The World and its Religions

This section of Religious Trends focuses on world-wide religion. There is an article on the 'big picture' that offers a summary of the strength of the world’s religions. This will be followed by a series of articles on individual countries, startin... Read more

UK Church overview

Since the publication of Religious Trends 1 in 1997, Christian Research has obtained statistics from the denominations and church groups of the United Kingdom. Each denomination compiles statistics in their own way for their own purposes, which mean... Read more

Anglican UK

The Church of England is the established church in England. Among other things, this means that: the Monarch is the Supreme Governor of the church (theologically Jesus is the head), the Church performs a number of official functions, Church and ... Read more

The Bible

In July 2010 Christian Research sent professional interviewers to 44 locations throughout England and Wales to ask the population their views on the Bible. In total 1,013 people were interviewed, with the sample representative of the population as a ... Read more

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