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The panel enables us to give a voice to Christian attitudes and views but for credibility it needs to represent as broad a range of denominations, geography and demographics as possible.  You can help us achieve this by joining our panel and taking part in the surveys.‚Äč

We will send you a survey invitation approximately once a month and would like you to complete as many as you feel able to do without obligation. In return, you will have the satisfaction of knowing your views will be used to inform research, church leaders, the media and politicians about Christian opinion and perspectives. We will also send you a quarterly newsletter of our research findings, so you can see what other Christians are saying about these topics.

How the panel works

The omnibus questionnaire invitation is sent out about once a month. We collate the questionnaire from a variety of sources, asking questions about current topical issues and other matters of concern to the Christian community. We regularly ask the panel what subjects they would be interested in seeing researched and we conduct research for clients from Christian charities, church groups and others which enables us to fund our work.

Whilst we may sometimes ask personal questions you are not obliged to answer any or all of the questions we set if you would prefer not to. All the research we conduct is carried out under the rules of the Market Research Society and GDPR and is completely confidential. We will never reveal your answers to anyone nor will we ever allow your details to be used for any purpose other than our research questionnaires.

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