About us

We believe that the Christian community has a compelling, creative and sometimes complex story to share with the world.‚Äč

They are an influential community and through our Resonate panel we enable them to have a voice, and in doing so, insights are uncovered, intelligent observations can be made and people can be encouraged to think seriously about the impact that their faith has on our world today.

Starting as an independent charity in 1993, Christian Research became part of Bible Society Group in 2007 and today continues to trade as Christian Research. We operate as an independent market research agency and as Market Research Society (MRS) members, ensuring the independence, impartiality and confidentiality that is so valued by our clients. We bring to clients throughout the UK and further afield a combination of the strength, mission and support of Bible Society and the experience, skill and commitment of a strong research team to provide the best in Christian research through our Resonate online panel.

The panel is run by Gerry Stacey.

Gerry has over 30 years of research experience, mainly in strategic and policy development research having been Managing Director of a specialist healthcare agency. Gerry was chairman of the Alliance of International Research Institutes (AIMRI) for five years, helping it to grow into a research trade organisation with members in over 30 countries. He has regularly spoken at conferences and on training courses for AIMRI, MRS and the British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association. Gerry is also an Anglican Lay Minister and regularly leads services, teaches Bible studies and preaches in his home parish near Winchester.