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Christian Research is an authoritative voice on the Christian world and has been providing insight on the thoughts, views and opinions of the practising Christian community for over 20 years.

Today we operate an online panel with over 5000 members, identifying long term religious  trends, as well as Christians response to current affairs and topical issues. Our Resonate panel is primed to help you. 

Although there were 33 million people stating they are Christians (over 59%) in the UK 2011 Census – most of them are only traditionally or nominally Christian which makes our research panel incredibly relevant as it comprises those who are committed practising Christians and enables us to research and understand how their views and attitudes differ from the public as a whole.

Resonate omnibus surveys run monthly.

Clients get top-line results 48 hrs from completion.

Did you know?

Did you know?

57% of Christians think the church should take a lead on such political issues as climate change.

Research brief


See our monthly research digest, outlining the latest social trends and Christian statistics. Find out more.

How can we help?

We examine what’s happening within both the Christian and secular contexts, we listen to what various target audiences are saying, we analyse and interpret their feedback and then report back.

Our research is regular reported by the media, radio, newspapers and many in the Christian press.

If you would like any further information or would like to discuss any research needs you feel may benefit from putting questions to our panel please contact us.

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