The World and its Religions


This section of Religious Trends focuses on world-wide religion. There is an article on the 'big picture' that offers a summary of the strength of the world’s religions. This will be followed by a series of articles on individual countries, startin... Read more

The big picture

The world population is approaching 7 billion and millions of people follow a variety of religions. Religious Trends offers but a summary and points to some sources for deeper research. This section will give some information about other religions b... Read more

Data sources

Full details of our sources and interpretation are on the spreadsheet available for download. For most countries, we can ascribe the percentages in the CIA World Factbook to the groups used in our analysis. For 9 countries, we have used data from... Read more

World overview

Christianity is dominant in much of the Americas, Europe, Southern Africa and Oceania. The so called 10/40 Window can be clearly seen as an area where Islam is generally the largest religion. The term refers to those regions of the eastern hemisp... Read more


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